Friday, 22 September 2017

this is my stem

pong game

this is my pong game do not touch the red line or your out good luck

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

to make this art you need
so now you choose a photo off google that you want make shore that it is a silhouette send to your teacher and they will print it then glue the photo on to the back round then right your name and age.  

Thursday, 27 July 2017

facts journal

                    facts journal 

Mohi Bush

                    Mohi Bush 

When we went to Mohi Bush I saw lots of cow poo. There was a bat and lots of birds. There were lots of angry bulls so we keep away and then we saw orange mushrooms  and if you touched  them you fingers fall off. There were to birds fighting there lots of bugs. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The day the bully stopped.

Bye mum I’m going to school, ok hun have a good day ok mum I will. So Dexter headed to school. “Give me your lunch money”  dexter says “stop no”  I say I will not stop. “nappy baby time” dexter says,  pow  bangcrash!!! and he is gone back home to his mum. The next day he didn’t bother to bully me because he learned his lesson so from that day on the bullying had stopped. From that day forward I  felt happy going to school.