Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The day the bully stopped.

Bye mum I’m going to school, ok hun have a good day ok mum I will. So Dexter headed to school. “Give me your lunch money”  dexter says “stop no”  I say I will not stop. “nappy baby time” dexter says,  pow  bangcrash!!! and he is gone back home to his mum. The next day he didn’t bother to bully me because he learned his lesson so from that day on the bullying had stopped. From that day forward I  felt happy going to school.


Thank you for coming to parkvale school and performing in front of us we realy loved it. i hope you can come back won day and then perform again thanks for coming i realy loved both of the performens because they wern't afrade to perform in front of ofer 500 hondred kids and they all of there might to do it 

               from coby mcquarrie